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Lexsine is responsible for the day to day operations of .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). In conjunction with running 8@home, Lexsine is also the CEO of Open Door Multi Services LLC - a home based business with over 250 home based customer service agents.

Lexsine has been featured in the USA Today, Businesswire, Citizen Times and on MSNBC.

Lexsine has been in the home based industry for close to 10 years, has provided consulting services to hundreds of work at home business owners and has mentored thousands of work at home individuals. She is an expert at setting up a home based business and developing a network of virtual employees. Lexsine is an innovator at driving business results from a virtual setting.

Prior to becoming starting Open Door Multi Service, Lexsine was a full time student at Palm Beach State College, driving to two jobs to make ends meet – while being a full time parent. To read more about Lexsine’s inspiration story, see below. Lexsine holds a computer programming and paralegal degree.

Lexsine runs both 8@home and Open Door Multi Services from the comfort of her home in South Florida. Lexsine is a single mother raising two growing daughters. 

As a single mother, I am able to balance work and family time. Eight years ago I was in school full time and working two jobs to support my two daughters. Even though I was making ends meet, I realized I needed to dedicate more time to my daughters. And now as I get ready to shuttle them off to school, I am thinking about how lucky I am that I get to schedule work around my family. Hopefully my experience can help others that need to earn an income, but are committed to balancing work with time for their children. As a single mother, this has not been easy, but it is doable. I have seen hundreds of people, in my similar situation; migrate from an office/corporate job to a work from home opportunity.

In 2004 I was at Palm Beach State College, working in customer service for a lamp store and acting as a collections agent for a bank - not exactly the best setup for helping my kids with their homework and taking them to Church and to the movies. A friend told me about being able to work at home and balance my life.

I recommend the work at home option to those that want to get out of the corporate grind and spend more time with their friends and family. I also recommend it for those people adversely affected by the recession and looking for a way to make up for income lost (earn extra income). Hopefully, I can help someone as much as my friend helped me eight years ago. I do not have to drive to a job, spend money on dry cleaning, gas, lunch and in return - I get to keep an eye on my children and I schedule my weekly hours around my kid’s activities.

My friends tell me their corporate jobs are getting more stressful. And I see traffic congestion getting worse where I reside in Palm Beach, Florida. This reconfirms the decision I made eight years ago to become an entrepreneur and start a work from home business. 

As for this 39 year old single mother, I am now overseeing over 250 at-home professionals. If you take nothing else away from my story, know family can come first and that you too can find a work from home opportunity as an alternative.

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