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Here are some links to Work at Home Opportunities/Companies that allow you in many case to earn Extra Income from Home:

Below are a few suggested work at home companies. To the best of my knowledge and based on my research these are all opportunities that provide you the ability to work from home. However, I suggest you do you own due diligence to ensure the company is the right fit for you. Furthermore, companies periodically change policies and procedures so please be mindful of each company’s business model. ( - Elance is a CFO’s best friend. Elance offers marketing, product, administrative and technology managers a flexible and cost-effective way to get work done without adding headcount. Look for employment or look for employers.

Arise - Arise Virtual Solutions is a Work at Home call center company. Arise was one of the pioneers of the work at home model. Arise’s model differs slightly than the other work at home call center companies. Arise’s agents are all independent contractors and all own their own corporations. In most cases, an Arise agent incorporates as an LLC or S-Corp. Arise does not pay for training or training time, but many of the agents understand the economics around the model and their return on investment is well worth the time (the tax savings can be tremendous if you take advantage of all the work from home tax deductions available). Arise services many of the Fortune 500 can not only service inbound calls, but also services web chat and email. Arise requires that you work a minimum of 15 hours, but does not cap the number of hours or the number of clients you work. Arise does offer flexible scheduling. You can check out their Facebook page if you are looking for more validation around their company and the model.

Mary Kay ( - Make money from hosting cosmetic parties with your girlfriends. Mary Kay has men’s, women’s and fragrance lines.

Jet Blue Airlines ( - Agents go to a monthly meeting at the Salt Lake City office, but otherwise they do all of their customer contact and flight reservations duties without ever setting foot outside their front door.

LiveOps - - LiveOps is a Work at Home call center company. LiveOps’ agents are all independent contractors, but are not required to incorporate. Most of the calls that you will receive are inbound direct response calls (i.e from infomericals). LiveOps does not pay for agents while in training, however they also do not charge a fee for training classes. LiveOps does offer flexible scheduling. You can learn more about LiveOps and their agents by visiting

West - West is both a bricks and mortar and a Work at Home call center compay. West’s “at home” service line hires employees (vs. independent contractors). West does offer benefits if you are looking for medical, dental, etc. West does offer flexible scheduling. You can learn more about West at home and their agents by visiting

Convergys - Convergys, similar to West, has both call centers and agents working from home. Convergys’ agents are employees and work between 16 to 40 hours per week. Training is paid and length of training depends on the client’s needs. Convergys does offer benefits as well. Convergys does limit their home agents to specific states. If you work from home in the following states you could have an opportunity to work for Convergys: Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Geogria, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakaota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virgina, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Alpine Access - Alpine Access is a pure play Work at Home call center company. Alpine’s agents are employee and are offer benefits. The majority of the calls are inbound calls vs. outbound sales calls. A work at home employee is considered part-time as long as they’re working a minimum of 20 hours per week, and full-time after one year and one thousand hours of working. Benefits for Alpine Access work at home employees become effective thirty days from the hire date, as long as they are working a minimum of twenty hours a week. The 401k plan does not become available until the work at home employee becomes a full-time employee.

VIPDesk - VIPDesk is a Work at Home Call Center Company. VIPDesk does take slightly different calls in some case. Their calls are either Concierge type calls (see website for more information) or Connect Sales and Customer care. If you work for their Concierge service offering you will be extended the opportunity to become an employee. If you look to work their Connect Sales/Customer Care offering then you will be an independent contractor.

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