Work At Home

What is 8atHome?

• Are you currently working eight hours a day (or more) at home?

• Is your goal to have said I ate at home tonight?

• Do you come home from work and end up working eight hours more during the week, “during off hours” at home?

• Are you looking to transition to an opportunity that allows you to work eight hours at home vs. commuting one hour in the car then working eight hours in an office   and commuting another hours back home?

• Do you have eight family members (including pets) at home?

• Are you a student and studying eight hours a day from home?

After extensive research and talking to our friends, family and colleagues, we have come to realize the above questions pertain to the majority of us. As a result, we created 8athome. Our mission is to provide you content to help facilitate working from home. We continue to see trends that the general workforce is putting in more and more hours and more and more of us rely on dual/supplemental incomes, 8athome is dedicated to providing you a one-stop resource to help us all have the ability to (a) spend more time at home with our friends, family and significant others and (b) ensure this time is used efficiently and effectively with the goal of maximizing our eight at home.

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