8 atHome Overview

Why we created 8atHome?
8atHome was founded by experts in the Work-at-Home industry. Inspired by the idea of a site that offers ‘genuine’ remote jobs, including work from home positions, they researched the remote employment concept and a number of appealing findings emerged.

The founders of 8atHome discovered that 60% of companies questioned said they would use a work remotely employment solution. Half of these companies were already doing so with current employees, and were comfortable with the concept and any challenges it presented. Interestingly enough, 39% of job seekers stated flexible working and work from home jobs as an essential driver in selecting the perfect employer

What is 8atHome.com?
• We are a website designed solely for people that work from home or who want to work from home.
• Our site is designed to be a one stop trusted resource for everything you need to successfully work/study from home; including the latest job or contracting opportunities.

How Are We Different Than the Other Work at Home Websites?
• Our site is easy to navigate.
• Our site is not cluttered with ads and random links.
• We disclose who we are and what we do for a living (many sites do not have an about us/about me section…make you wonder, right?).
• We collect fact based and data from experts in the field.

Who Are the People Managing and Running 8atHome.com?
• We actually make a living working from home vs. deciding to put up a site one day and then saying “I work from home and am an expert”
• We have a successful track record creating and running business from home.

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