Work At Home Workplace Flexibility Trends

On July 14, 2010 a bill was approved by the White House expanding work-at-home options that would require all federal agencies to:

• Appoint a telework manager
• Create policies encouraging employees to work from home

The White House said that the new efforts should save millions of dollars in office space, electricity costs, lost productivity during bad weather and reduce air pollution and commuter costs.

85% of HR Professionals think telecommuting will be more common in the next five years….
Source: (Workplace Flexibility in the 21st century, SHRM, 2009.

Call Center Software Featured Article

January 04, 2006
New Study by IDC Predicts Homeshoring Will Triple by 2010

Home-based customer care agents are expected to nearly triple by the year 2010 according to a newly published IDC study, Home-Based Agent 2005-2010 Forecast and Analysis: Converging Economic Forces to Drive the Expansion of Homeshoring in the United States.

The study found that the growth in the use of home-based agents is based on the need for more productive agents, higher retention rates, greater flexibility in responding to peaks and valleys in voice traffic and on a set of key macroeconomic trends.

Of the estimated 112,000 home-based phone representatives in the United States, IDC predicts that by 2010, that number could reach over 300,000 as companies increasingly develop and invest in home-based agents. Companies are focusing on both outsourcers and their own employees


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